Markets Served


Commercial Aerospace is a primary market for titanium use because of the metal's light weight and high-strength characteristics. Titanium is primarily used in structural, landing gear, and engine components. VSMPO is a proud supplier to all commercial aerospace original equiment manufacturers.



Through our Uniti Titanium joint venture, VSMPO provides commercially pure titanium for use in chemical processing, power generation, desalination, and other large-scale industrial projects.



Titanium's use in medical implants continues to grow, and VSMPO supplies to key orthopedica and dental implant manufacturers.



VSMPO supplies domestically melted titanium manufactured through our NF&M International subsidiary for US military systems.


Other Markets

VSMPO also supplies titanium for sporting equipment, jewelry, automotive, and architectural uses.




VSMPO-Tirus, US is a subsidiary of VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation.

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Our VSMPO-ATI joint venture company distributes titanium mill products for applications other than aerospace, military and medical. Learn more